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In 2020, founder Stephanie Cook observed the mental health crisis impacting teen girls across the United States and recognized the need for change. Driven by her compassion and fueled by a calling from God, Stephanie took action and created Reaching Teen Hearts. RTH was founded with the purpose of instilling a strong sense of identity, purpose, and hope in every teen girl we get the chance to serve. With our faith as the guiding light, we are committed to creating an environment where young girls of all backgrounds feel safe, cherished, and valued. Here, they are heard, validated, and empowered to overcome every obstacle that may stand in their way.

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Our mission is to educate and guide young girls to support their spiritual, emotional, and mental growth. We create and inclusive environment by offering programs, events, and educational opportunities tailored to meet the needs of pre-teen and teen girls from all walks of life. In our commitment to making a positive impact, we collaborate with local foster group homes, schools, churches and online programs to ensure our reach extends to every corner of the community.

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The RTH team is made up of dynamic group of individuals who work together to guide and support the teen girls we serve.

stephanie cook

Stephanie Cook has been actively involved in numerous charities throughout the valley. She is a devoted wife to her husband of 36 years, a mother of three, and a grandmother to nine. Driven by her calling from God to touch the hearts of youth in the community, Stephanie established Reaching Teen Hearts. Through this organization, she offers resources, educational opportunities, and guidance to empower teen girls, help them discover their purpose, and deepen their relationship with God.

candance cook

Candace, our co-founder at Reaching Teen Hearts, is a highly qualified professional in the field of counseling. She holds a license as a Professional Counselor and receiced her education at Pepperdine University. With extensive experience working with children, individuals, and families, Candace brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our organization. In addition, she is trained as an EMDR therapist through EMDRIA, specializing in trauma-focused therapy. This approach, deeply rooted in addressing past traumas, aims to fascilitate healing and empower clients to live authentically.


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